The following are policies and rules that will be enforced at our gym. Please read each one. Most of these policies have been posted previously on our website. If you have any questions, please let us know. If you feel you or your child can not comply with our policies and rules, we respectfully ask you not to sign up for the next session.
  1.  Children are not allowed to enter the gymnastics and cheer area until their class has started. They must be supervised at all times prior to class. Please do not come early for class. There is usually no place to wait.
  2. Adults or siblings are not allowed into the class area at any time unless permission is given by a coach or staff.

  3. No adult or sibling is allowed to talk to, coach, or otherwise interfere with a gymnast, cheerleader or class at any time during the session. Failure to follow this policy can lead to the individual being asked to leave the facility. If the adult wishes to withdraw the child from the class, he or she may do so, but no refund will be given.

  4. If anyone wishes to talk to a coach, he or she should make a request to one of our staff. If possible, the coach could talk to the person after the class or could email at another time. This is wholly at the discretion of the coach. We have expanded our class times to eliminate many breaks between classes, so the coach might not have time to talk to the person that day.

  5. We want every child in our programs to have a positive experience in our gym. Any negative comments or discussions from any spectators about the gymnasts, coaching, etc., will result in that person(s) being asked to leave the facility. Continued negativity will result in the individual(s)’s child being dropped from the program. If the person wishes to withdraw the child from the class, he or she may do so, but no refund will be given.

  6. Tuition payments and other payments can be made on our website,, implementing internet software called iClassPro. Every family has access to our Parent Portal and the ability to have a username and password to sign into the website and provide a debit or credit card information which is guaranteed protected by the company. iClassPro is used by thousands of gymnastics gyms, cheer gyms and other businesses worldwide. On the fifth day of each month, tuition will be paid for your child(ren) utilizing this autopay system. If you want, you can come in any day prior to the 1 st and pay by cash or check without the service charge. If you do not intend to continue in our program the following month, you must let us know before the 1 st to avoid the payment transaction. This software also handles attendance, scheduling make-ups, anniversary insurance fees, and other financial responsibilities.

  7. We have a yearly insurance fee of $30 per family. On the anniversary of the initial payment, each family will receive an email to re-register for the following year. This payment is required for classes, as well as the deduction for open gym fees. The payment will be charged on your portal account. This does not apply to parent-tot classes.

  8. If a student is bullying others, being disruptive, or is refusing to listen to the instructions of the coach(s), we reserve the right to sit him/her down next to the class until he/she is ready to resume participation. The child may sit in the spectator area. If the child refuses to sit in the designated area, he or she will be asked to leave the class.

  9. No child is allowed to leave the gym for any reason unless accompanied by a parent or guardian. We will not allow any child, either participant or sibling to leave the gym facility unless accompanied by an adult. Please do not ask your child to get anything from your car or to go outside for any reason by himself/herself.

  10. The person responsible for each child is expected to be in the gym at the end of class to accompany the child from the gym. If the person is late, he/she should alert the staff by phone or text.

  11. If a child has to leave early, the parent or guardian must alert the staff prior to, or during, class. The staff member will notify the coach at the appropriate time and get the student. The parent or guardian should not call the student to leave the class.

  12. Children are not allowed to leave by the back door unless permission has been given by a coach or staff.

  13. Make-up Classes — In the event, a child is unable to attend her/his regular class, we can schedule a class to make up for the missed one. Please call or text us at 520-797-7026 in the event the child will not be able to attend. We will work with you to find a good time to make up the class.

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