Consider Hot Spot Cheer as a great activity for your child without a long-term commitment! While we are not a well-known cheer team in the Casa Grande community, we are here nonetheless!
We are Hot Spot Cheer! - part of the Hot Spot Gymnastics athletic programs. Our goal is to develop aspiring youth interested in cheer to not only learn cheer skills and exercises but to develop their bodies and minds through strength and conditioning, as well as positive, the constructive teaching of tumbling skills beginner through advanced.
Most of our current members have their round-off, back handsprings and have, or are working on, aerials and connecting skills for cross-tumbling combinations. We not only work with the kids to gain the confidence to do the skills, but we stress doing them right.
Our equipment includes a 42’x42’ AAI spring floor, one of the finest available today, a 30-foot tumble-track and mats of different sizes and shapes to teach and develop tumbling skills.
We do not have a contract. We do not stress competition throughout Arizona and other states. In fact, we have only participated in two competitions each year – one at Vista Grande and one in Phoenix.
Our uniforms cost about $100 and sneakers are $25. We are not trying to out-do other teams in dress and make-up. We want to develop girls and boys to their highest potential as athletes to feel good about themselves and their accomplishments.


1325 E. Florence Blvd. (behind Planet Fitness)



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Gymnastics in Casa Grande Since 2012

Continuing to share in the tradition and values of gymnastics with the community of Casa Grande since 2012.

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